Drs.ir. G.E. (Geiske) de Groot


Iā€™m a PhD candidate under the supervision of Pier Siebesma and Louise Nuijens. I have an MSc degree in Physics from Leiden University, where I specialized in atomic microscopy and cryogenics. After working in science management and strategic funding advise, I missed doing science myself more and more. In 2019 I finished another MSc degree in Geosciene and Remote Sensing at Delft University of Technology, where I developed a strong interest in atmospheric science.


My PhD work focuses on investigating mesoscale organization in shallow cumulus convection and low-level clouds in the trade-wind area. In particular I want to research how mesoscale organisation and cloud characteristics interact. This interaction is essential for assessing the relevance of cloud organisation in the context of climate change. To this aim I will combine data from the EUREC4A campaign with various atmospheric models, such as Large Eddy Simulation, Storm Resolving Models, and super-parameterized models. This PhD is part of the CONSTRAIN project.

Geiske de Groot

PhD candidate

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