F. (Frithjof) Ehlers


As from spring 2021, I am a PhD candidate at TU Delft. I first graduated in Physics of Complex Systems at the University of Göttingen, Germany, in 2019. Afterwards I supported the atmospheric section at ESTEC to refine retrieval algorithms for ESA’s Earth Explorer Aeolus. Trying to get the most information out of measurements delights and excites me. Hence, my specialities are advanced data analysis, machine learning under physical constraints and statistics.


My research focus lies on the development of a fully-focused SAR altimetry processor for coastal water monitoring, with special interest for the Rhine region of freshwater influence (Rhine ROFI). The underlying motivation is to cast light on the physical processes in coastal waters with emphasis on the coupling of satellite / in-situ observables.

Frithjof Ehlers

PhD Candidate

Monday till Friday

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