Ir. A.C.M. (Alessandro) Savazzi


I am a PhD candidate since November 2021, I work on the CMTRACE project under the supervision of Louise Nuijens.
I completed my BSc in Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) and then received my MSc degree in Environmental Engineering at TU Delft. I developed a strong interest in atmospheric science with a thesis on convective cloud parameterization and, later, as a researcher in the CloudBrake project.


As part of the CMTRACE project, I am focusing on identifying mechanisms underlying Convective Momentum Transport (CMT). Particular interest is given to the relationship between CMT and cloud friction and to the role of CMT in the momentum budget. The Ruisdael Observatory and measurements taken at Barbados during the EUREC4A field campaign are largely exploited in my work to emphasize cloud organization and variability of winds in real settings.

CMTRACE is a NWO VIDI funded project with the objective of tracing convective momentum transport (CMT) in complex cloudy atmospheres. CMTRACE combines fine-scale simulations with unique measurements from scanning wind lidars and cloud radars to unravel the patterns of wind in diverse cloud fields. More information can be found here.

Alessandro Savazzi

PhD candidate

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