Ir. M.F.D. (Marc) Bruna


I am a geoscientist and environmental engineer working in the fields of geodesy and Earth observation. Before the start of my PhD in 2021 at the department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing, I studied Applied Earth Sciences followed by an MSc in Environmental Engineering.


My research focuses on the use of satellite radar interferometry to detect and monitor surface displacements. My work is part of the DeepNL research project ‘Monitoring and Modeling the Groningen Subsurface based on integrated Geodesy and Geophysics’ and the Living on Soft Soils (LOSS) program.

I am particularly interested in the use of GIS and contextual information to enhance InSAR data processing and ground motion analysis.

Marc Bruna

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
    Department: Geoscience & Remote Sensing
    Section: Mathematical Geodesy and Positioning

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