Ir. T.H.J. (Tim) Hermans


I started my PhD at NIOZ and Delft University of Technology in 2018. I am using global and regional climate models to study sea-level change and variability. Before my PhD studies I received a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Twente and a MSc degree in Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technoloy. I am supervised by Aimée Slangen, Caroline Katsman and Bert Vermeersen.


My research concerns global and regional sea-level change and variability in the past and in the future. I have studied how the climate sensitivity of global climate models affects projections of global mean sea level, how ocean model resolution affects regional sea-level projections and what drives the interannual sea-level variability on the Northwestern European Shelf. I am currently studying simulations of sea-level change in the latest generation of coupled climate models (CMIP6).

  • Teaching Assistant for CIE4601 Physics of the Earth & Atmosphere
  • Chapter Scientist for the IPCC AR6 chapter on Ocean, Cryosphere and Sea-Level Change.

Tim Hermans

PhD Candidate

Debbie Rietdijk

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