M. (Martin) Janssens


I am a PhD candidate affiliated with the Geoscience & Remote Sensing Group, where I study the description, development and consequences of cloud patterning. I am also interested in improving numerical fluid flow models, which I worked extensively with during my MSc in Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft and at a Formula 1 company.


In my project, we live on the intersection of atmospheric science and complex systems. We try to understand and model the beautiful spectrum of patterns in cloud fields that appears in simulations and nature using concepts from dynamical systems theory. Specifically, we search for low-dimensional, interpretable descriptions of these patterns, which we use to explain their origins and impact on climate.

My project is a collaborative effort between the Geoscience & Remote Sensing department at TU Delft and Wageningen University & Research, where I work with the Meteorology & Air Quality and Aquatic Ecology & Water Quality Management groups.

Martin Janssens

PhD candidate

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