A. (Andres) Yarce Botero


Andres was born in Medellín, Colombia, where he studied his bachelor's in Physics Engineering at Universidad EAFIT. He received his MSc in Applied Physics at the same University and subsequently, involved as a co-founder of a Spin-off initiative called SimpleSpace. The Ph.D. was developed in a joint project between Tu Delft and EAFIT, where adjoint-free Data Assimilation strategies were implemented to contribute to the representation improvement of the nitrogen dynamics in his country.


Andrés' research topic is data assimilation, specifically in Chemical Transport Models like the Dutch LOTOS-EUROS model. He has worked with satellite information from the TROPOMI instrument to implement Data assimilation strategies to estimate via top-down perspective parameters that drive the emission in Colombian territory. Nowadays, is working in the coupling of the meteorological HARMONIE model with the LOTOS-EUROS to see the impact of assimilating TROPOMI nitrogen satellite information at this high-resolution configurations

(Key) publications

  • Yarce, A. B., Montoya, O. L. Q., Lopez-Restrepo, S., Pinel, N., Hinestroza, J. E., Niño-Ruiz, E. D., ... & Lorduy, S. (2021). Medellin Air Quality Initiative (MAUI) DOI:10.5772/intechopen.97571
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  • A. Yarce. Botero et al., "HIPAE Helicopter-borne In-situ Pollution Assessment Experiment: plataforma alternativa para la medición de contaminantes en capas verticales," 2019 Congreso Colombiano y Conferencia Internacional de Calidad de Aire y Salud Pública (CASP), 2019, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/CASAP48673.2019.9364040.
  • Rodríguez, J. S., Yarce, A. B., Lopera, D. V., Serna, J. G., & Botero, F. (2021). Experimental Approach for the Evaluation of the Performance of a Satellite Module in the CanSat Form Factor for In Situ Monitoring and Remote Sensing Applications. International Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 2021.
  • Yarce, A. B., & Alunno, M. (2021). Signal modeling of the conditioning stage of a parametric array loudspeaker by statistical design of experiments. Applied Acoustics, 174, 107713.

Andres Yarce Botero


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