Dr. Ir. J.A. (Antoon) van Hooft


I am a researcher at the department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing. I am interested atmospheric boundary layer dynamics with special emphasis on stable boundary layers and Arctic low-level clouds.  


Mixed-phase clouds play an important role in the Arctic climate system. However, accurate climate projections are hampered due to uncertainties in representing these clouds.  Understanding their dynamical behavior based on first principles is a challenging task which requires the disentanglement of mixed-phase micro-physical complexities and a multitude of cloud--surface--boundary layer interactions. As such, my research takes an alternative route towards describing the cloud system and adopts a complex-system perspective.    

My research hobbies include adaptive numerical modeling of all kinds of processes: For example, in the movie you see the evolution of the vortex structures after a head-on collision between two vortex rings.

Antoon van Hooft


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