Dr. S. (Serkan) Kartal


Dr. Serkan Kartal is a Postdoc researcher in the Geoscience & Remote Sensing Department at TU-Delft. He graduated from Cukurova University Computer Engineering (CuCeng) in 2010, and obtained his MSc in 2013 and PhD in 2017. Before coming to Delft, he spent his 4 years as Assistant Professor at CuCeng and 1 year as Postdoc researcher at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.  


Serkan’s research interests lay on the use of machine learning, especially computer vision algorithms, for developing novel algorithms to analyse real world data. He develops machine-learning methods to analyse various datasets such as 3D point clouds, RGB images, and numeric datasets. His research interests include, but are not limited to, analysis of point clouds data, semantic segmentation operations on RGB images, image processing and analysis of remote sensing data.

  • Kartal, S., Choudhary, S., Masner, J., Kholova, J., Stoces, M., Gattu, P., ... & Kissel, E. (2021). Machine Learning-Based Plant Detection Algorithms to Automate Counting Tasks Using 3D Canopy Scans. Sensors, 21(23), 8022.
  • Kartal, S. (2021). Comparison of semantic segmentation algorithms for the estimation of botanical composition of clover-grass pastures from RGB images. Ecological Informatics, 101467.
  • Kartal, S., Choudhary, S., Stočes, M., Šimek, P., Vokoun, T., & Novák, V. (2020). Segmentation of Bean-Plants Using Clustering Algorithms. AGRIS on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics, 10(665-2021-561), 36-43.
  • Kartal, S., Oral, M., and Ozyildirim B. M., “Pattern layer reduction for a generalized regression neural network by using a self-organizing map”, International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science”, 28,2,411-424, 2018. Doi: 10.2478/amcs-2018-0031.
  • Oral M., Kartal S., and Ozyildirim B. M., “A cluster-based approach to reduce pattern layer size for generalized regression neural network”, Pamukkale Univ Muh Bilim Derg, 24(5), 857-863., Doi:10.5505/pajes.2017.76401
  • Oral M., Kartal S., Oral E., "Site Layout Planning by using Genetic Algorithm Approach", Çukurova Üniversitesi Mühendislik-Mimarlik Fakültesi Dergisi, cilt.31, no.10, ss.93-102, 2016

PostDoc Project: Development of a machine learning based plant detection algorithm to automate plant counting task. Github:

Serkan Kartal


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