Dr. V. (Vishal) Dixit


I am a climate modeller interested in the tropical climate dynamics. Presently, I am working with Dr. Louise Nuijens on the CloudBrake project as postdoctoral researcher. I obtained my PhD in 2016 from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. My thesis was on the structure and dynamics of the tropical rainbands.

Research themes

  • Climate modeling
  • Tropical climate dynamics
  • Fluid dynamics of clouds
  • ITCZ and Monsoons


I am interested in the role of cloud-convection-circulation coupling in the tropical climate dynamics. Presently, I am working on quantifying and parameterizing the cumulus friction effects associated with the subtropical shallow clouds.

In the past, I have worked on migration and dynamics of the tropical rainbands in different climates. I utilise the hierarchical modelling strategy starting from simple models to complex climate models to understand how different processes work!

  • Dixit, Vishal, and J. Srinivasan, "The momentum constraints on the shallow meridional circulation associated with the marine ITCZ",  Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics (2016) : 1-15.
  • Dixit, Vishal, Steven Sherwood, Olivier Geoffroy and Damianos Mantsis,  "The Role of Non-linear Drying above the Boundary Layer in the Mid-Holocene African Monsoon", Journal of Climate, 31.1 (2018) : 233-249.
  • Dixit, Vishal, Olivier Geoffroy and Steven C. Sherwood,  "Control of ITCZ width by low-level radiative heating from upper-level clouds in aquaplanet simulations", Geophysical Research Letters, 45.11 (2018) : 5788-5797

Vishal Dixit

Postdoc Researcher

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