Ir. S.J.A. (Steven) van der Linden


I started as a doctoral candidate in the group of prof. Van de Wiel in September 2015. Before, I obtained both my Master and Bachelor degrees in Applied Physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology. During the Master education, I specialised in Fluid Dynamics.

My interests include environmental physics and, in particular, our understanding of geophysical flow phenomena that affect us in our everyday lives.


In my research, I particularly focus on the atmosphere near the surface (the boundary layer) at night. Whereas, typically, during day there is a lot of convective turbulent activity, at night this turbulent activity can become weak or near absent. This situation is not only difficult for current day weather models, but also can have societal and/or economic impact. For example, it can lead to the occurrence of ground frost and fog which are dangerous for traffic. I try to improve the understanding of this nighttime (stable) boundary layer by a combination of observations and high-resolution flow modelling (LES). Using observations from Antarctica, I try to push the LES to the limit and see if we can accurately capture the features of this stable boundary layer. Afterwards, we hope to use the model to reveal new dynamics, observations cannot reveal to us.

Steven van der Linden


Availability: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday