S (Saeed) Khabbazan M.Sc.


I obtained the Master of Science in the field of Remote Sensing at Tehran University in 2014. My thesis was about monitoring surface soil moisture using SAR data. Then I joined TU delft as a Ph.D. researcher at Water Management group of  Civil Engineering and Geosciences Faculty in 2017. I have been working on monitoring diurnal and seasonal vegetation water dynamic using active microwave data with a specific focus on using scatterometer system. Since December 2021 I am working as a researcher in the Geoscience and Remote Sensing department.


I am working under the supervision of Professor Susan Steele-Dunne and my research is mostly focused on using active microwave (SAR and Scatterometer) data and radiative transfer modelling techniques to better understand the diurnal and seasonal water dynamic inside the vegetation. I joined the 3 extensive field campaigns in USA and the Netherlands since 2018 to conduct this reasearch.


Using Radar for Vegetation Water Stress

In this project I am working on quantifying the contributions to radar backscatter from an agricultural canopy and using radiative transfer models to identify the onset of water stress.


Key publications

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