Dr. ir. J. (Joris) Timmermans


From an early age on I have been interested in advancing science to help society face upcoming threats. At TU Delft, I use my engineering-perspective (obtained from an MSc in Applied Physics at the Utwente), and my expertise in Earth observation (courtesy of a PhD at ITC, and postdocs at UCL and Leiden University), to address international policies revolving around droughts, biodiversity and climate change, by developing innovative remote sensing monitoring systems.


There are significant opportunities for optical satellite remote sensing (SRS) to contribute to mitigating the impacts of environmental disasters. My research vision focuses on developing solutions for optical remote sensing to be used together with other satellite observations, model the impacts of environmental disasters and develop digital twins. Specifically, I aim to tackle the challenges  regarding multi-sensor synergies, algorithm development and data integration into models.

Within the TU Delft, I am currently organise the Earth Observation Course, embedded in the Space Missions Minor of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. 

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I was recently interviewed by the Netherlands Space Office, concerning my vision regarding remote sensing monitoring of biodiversity.. https://www.spaceoffice.nl/nl/nieuws/750/-we-zoeken-innovatieve-satelliettoepassingen-voor-het-monitoren-van-de-biodiversiteit-.html 

I am presently acting as a Jury member for the SBIR competition” Satellietdata ten behoeve van biodiversiteit in Nederland: subthema natuur”.

Joris Timmermans

Assistant Professor

Monday, Tuesday & Friday at campus

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