Dijken onder de loep (De Telegraaf, 8th of December, 2012)
Matthijs Kok 

Hoogleraar: opheffen waterschappen gevaarlijk idee (De Stentor, 1st of December, 2012)
Matthijs Kok 

Verzekeraars willen overstromingspolis (Trouw, 29th of November, 2012)
Matthijs Kok 

Flood experts discuss need for storm surge barriers for coastal cities in aftermath of superstorm Sandy (www.dutchwatersector.com, 2nd of November, 2012)
Bas Jonkman 

Kamerdebat veiligheidsniveaus nu nodig (waterforum.net, 12th of September, 2012)
Matthijs Kok 

Ingenieurs moeten zelf zoeken naar nieuwe maatschappelijke vraagstukken (ENW newspaper, one page magazine article) 
Prof. dr. ir. Bas Jonkman speaks about his profession at ENW and the role of the new generation of hydraulic engineers. 

In waterveiligheid gaat het om het vooral om het bereiken van veiligheid (ENW newspaper, one page magazine article) 
Prof. dr. ir. Matthijs Kok discusses the work/research groups at ENW, the professional recommendations en the importance of new safety-standards for the dutch dike system.

Teveel afgestudeerde ingenieurs verlaten het vakgebied (ENW newspaper, one page magazine article)
An article by prof. dr. ir. Han Vrijling about ENW and the position of the engineer in political decision making.

Ophouden met stereotypering van de ingenieur (WaterForum Online, 17th of August, 2012)
Ties Rijcken 

Delft University coordinates five-year study beach nourishment with sand motor (www.dutchwatersector.com, 11th of August, 2012)
Marcel Stive is speaking about the research on morphological processes of sand engine.

TU Delft doet onderzoek naar Zandmotor (Omroep West, 19th of July, 2012)
Zandmotor op Omroep West

Ik betaal liever belasting voor een preventief systeem (WaterForum Online, 18th of July, 2012)
Ties Rijcken 

TU Delft-onderzoeker Rijcken plaatst vraagtekens bij meerlaagsveiligheid (WaterForum Online, 27th of June, 2012)
Ties Rijcken 

Delft delft het onderspit (TU Delta, 21st of June, 2012)
Han Vrijling 

Nederlandse onderzoekers bezoeken super levee in Tokio (waterforum.net, 12th of June, 2012)
Han Vrijling 

Stromingsmetingen aan de kust (Civiel Techniek, 31th of May, 2013, 3 page magazine article).
M.A. Schipper, S. de Vries and R.C. de Zeeuw are introducing a new instrument to measure flow velocities and patterns in the surfzone.

Zekerheid is een illusie (Trouw, 11th of May 2012, one page magazine article)
Dr. ir. Bas Jonkman explains that chain reactions are often forgotten. How to deal with chances and risks is made clear.

Keuze politiek voor meerlaagse veiligheid bizar (WaterForum Online, 27th of April, 2012).
Han Vrijling is surprised by the fact that the government wants to avoid more costs for dikes by implementing a 'multiple layers of safety' policy.

Geef ons heden een watersnood (De Groene Amsterdammer, 18th of April, 2013, three page article).
The Netherlands is almost always involved in floodings, like in Azerbeidzjan in 2010. The Dutch feel uncomfortable when they are excluded and other contries are asked to provide expertise on this subject. So, competition is rising abroad. Yet the Dutch are the best in the field of maritiem, water technology and delta's. The problem is that governments abroad are more and more investing in the hydraulic engineering sector. This is the opposite of what is happening in Holland. Therefore, companies are making themselves known abroad, like Deltares. This company has no-profit-policy and is with his knowledge wanted by other governments. This contains a way for other companies to penetrate into countries like Azerbeidzjan. It is of importance that dutch companies are enhancing the relation with multiple governments to create opportunities. As a matter of fact, flooding is not private, but a public concern with top-parties involved.

Deltawerken goed voor internationale imago (Reformatorisch Dagblad, 14th of April, 2012).
Interview with prof. Marcel Stive on how the Netherlands are an example for other countries when it comes to hydraulic structures.

New model to estimate coastal retreat due to sea level rise (Website TU Delft, 13rd of April, 2012).
With his recent research, associate professor Rosh Ranasinghe at TU Delft and UNESCO-IHE, has developed an innovative numerical model (PCR model). This model represents a major step forward in the way how the critical hazard, coastal erosion due to sea level rise, can be estimated. This new model addresses a need felt by engineers and managers for over 50 years. It provides robust estimates of sea level rise driven coastline retreat within a probabilistic framework as commonly required by contemporary coastal planning/management frameworks.

Vrij baan voor de nevengeul (De Volkskrant, 11th of April, 2012)
Huib de Vriend 

Professors Tiedo Vellinga and Julie Pietrzak in conTACT magazine (conTACT, 5th of April, 2012, pages 6 and 7).
The Department of Hydraulic Engineering is well represented in the latest issue of conTACT magazine, a publication from the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. In three articles on the Maasvlakte 2 and Port of Rotterdam, professors Tiedo Vellinga and Julie Pietrzak tell us about their research plans. Former MSc student Pieter Nordbeck informs us on his job at the Port of Rotterdam, following from his MSc thesis project here at Delft University of Technology.

Het gezicht van de kust verandert; De Zandmotor bij Kijkduin - 'bouwen met de natuur' - bevalt goed  (Nederlands Dagblad, 2nd of April, 2012).
Marcel Stive features in an article on the Sand Engine, which gives special attention to the changes in the Dutch landscape.

Stand van zaken rond waterveiligheid in Nederland (H2O, 30th of March, 2012, three page magazine article)
A large parts of the Dutch dikes are below the safety-standard. This is where the discussing starts by ir. Ties Rijcken. He speaks about the program of flood protection and the counteracts for lowering the flood risks. The elaboration of the up-to-date dike safety is in the norms, climate change and decreasing ground level and failure mechanisms.

Morfologische ontwikkelingen van de Nederlandse Waddenzee  (H2O, 30th of March, 2012)
Prof. Zheng Bing Wang (and others) speak about the Wadden Sea as intertidel basin. The higher speed of sea level rise and higher flood risk are problems to be addressed. The developed of the basin in the past is discussed, afterwhich the future plans are mentioned. The plans include actions for the morphological and hydrodynamic equilibrium. 

Dijksterkte verdient prominente plaats in risicobenadering / Deltadijken (H2O, 30th of March 2012).
Flood disasters such as in Thailand or New Orleans show us the importance of good control of flood risks. Bas Jonkman, Wim Kanning and Wouter ter Horst explain the important research that is being carried out at Delft University of Technology on this particular topic. Ties Rijcken tells us something about Delta dikes.

Wij willen Einstein zijn met onvoldoende voor natuurkunde (Cobouw 53, 22nd of March, 2012).
Han Vrijling on the national discussion on water safety.

Zandmotor moet zandhonger stillen (Delft Integraal, February, 2012).
Extensive article on the Sand Engine, in which Sierd de Vries, Matthieu de Schipper and Marcel Stive are interviewed.

De natuur helpt ons altijd een handje (Delft Integraal, February, 2012).
Interview with Marcel Stive on several issues on coastal engineering in the Netherlands and abroad.

Ondergronds (Delft Integraal, February, 2012).
Han Vrijling shares his thoughts on building underground and multifunctional flood defences.

Puddingsluis (Techno!, February, 2012)
Instead of using navigation locks with doors vessels will soon be using a lock of gel. The idea is originating from dr. ir. Jarit de Gijt. The 'gel lock' is reducing the passing time with factor 4 and the total length is approximately 3.5 kilometer.

"Je kunt een ramp nooit volledig uitsluiten". (TU Delta, 18th of January, 2012). 
Marcel Stive in a two page interview in which he shares his vision on flood risk in the Netherlands.

Matthieu de Schipper on national television on the sand engine. (Nederland van Boven, VPRO, 10th of January, 2012)
Matthieu de Schipper comments on the sand engine, a Building with Nature concept. The TU Delft jetski can be seen from a helicopter view, as it executes a bathymetric survey along the Dutch coast.

Waren de dijken wel onderhouden? (NRC Handelsblad, 9th of January, 2012)
Han Vrijling appeared in national news as well and joins the debate on dike safety.

Nederland kan veel meer water aan. (Algemeen Dagblad, 7th of January, 2012)
Bas Jonkman appeared in a national newspaper in an article about the high water levels in Dordrecht.

Overstromingsgevaar grote rivieren. (Telegraaf, 7th of January, 2012)
Huib de Vriend answers a question concerning flood risk at the main rivers.

Wilfred Molenaar in RTL Nieuws. (RTL Nieuws, 5th of January, 2012, from 3:21)
With risk of dike breaching in Groningen, Wilfred Molenaar was interviewed for RTL Nieuws.

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