Errata and Improvements

Version history

Since our Coastal Dynamics Open Textbook is web-based, we can make updates periodically. The below table provides a record of changes since its initial publication as an open textbook (January 2021). If the edits are minor, the version number increases by 0.1. If the changes involve substantial updates, the edition number increases to the next whole number. The e-book always reflects the most recent version and is available for online use and free download from the TU Delft Open Textbook repository

Version 1.0 (January 2021)

  • Original

Version 1.1 (January 2022)

  • Corrected misspellings, typographical errors and punctuation errors in text 
  • Added missing symbols in text
  • Corrected misspellings and other minor errors in figures
  • Corrected typographical errors in equations
  • Added some brief clarifications
  • Updated or corrected a few references
  • Added 'Errata and improvements' on page 579

List of changes

When the version number increases by 0.1, students (and other readers) can continue to use their softback of the previous version, as long as they copy the most important changes in their hardcopy. To this end, an e-book with changes markup is available, serving as an overview of errata and improvements. These corrections are considered important for understanding the material. Other, less crucial changes are not tracked. 

Errata and improvements that are suggested, but not yet part of a new version, are recorded on an online Errata list and List of improvements, respectively, to which we invite our readers to contribute. In order to suggest a correction or improvement, please submit it through this suggestion form

Suggestions submitted by our readers are automatically added to the lists. They receive the status “In review” awaiting approval or disapproval by the authors. After review of the suggestions, the status will be changed to display how the suggestions will be processed. Once the suggestions are part of a new version, they are removed from the lists, but important changes are tracked through the e-book with changes markup

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