A Selection of recent media appearances

  • De kennis van nu (in Dutch)- 2014. Item on a large measurement campaign at the Zandmotor on the Dutch national television.
    In this program I explain how we do measurements of wind driven sediment transport on the beach.
  • Explanatory Video on the Sand Motor (below) - 2014. The Sand Motor - Passionate Research
  • PBS newshour - 2013. The Sand Engine Churns to Bring Sand to the Beach.
    This international program covers the need for the Sand Engine in the Netherlands and the practical applications of research at the Sand Engine.
  • Nieuwslicht - 2008. Item on coastal measurements using Jetski.
    In Nieuwslicht the applied research with the TUDelft Jetski is highlighted. At the time, the TUDelft jetski was the first jetski to measure coastal morphology in the Netherlands.
  • Delftse studenten bouwen surfwalhalla (in Dutch) - 2006. Item on my MSc thesis on how to 'built' (and measure) surfing waves.
    During my MSc. project I worked on an indoor surf pool. This is my first media appearance.