Brüggemann, N. (Nils)

My area of expertise is ageostrophic dynamics e.g. in boundary currents or the upper ocean mixed layer, combining idealized and realistic numerical ocean models with theoretical concepts. I did my PhD at the GEOMAR (Kiel) and the University of Hamburg. After my PhD in 2014, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hamburg for roughly one year before I was appointed at April 2015 to TU Delft.

At TU Delft, I work in the group of Caroline Katsman on a project that aims to investigate the deep sinking of dense water masses in the North Atlantic. Especially, we aim at diagnosing which dynamics are involved in the sinking of these water masses, which pathways these water masses take and what are possible influences of fresh-water fluxes related to climate change scenarios. Therefore, we use global simulations of the Parallel Ocean Program (POP) with strongly-eddying and non-eddying resolution together with simulations of Lagrangian drifters.