Jantien Rutten


Jantien Rutten is a postdoctoral researcher in the section of Environmental Fluid Mechanics. She is working within the Reflex project, in which she investigates the directional dynamics of infragravity waves.

Jantien obtained her PhD at Utrecht University in 2018 on sandbar dynamics at man-made curved coasts. Then, she worked as postdoctoral researcher at the UNAM, Mexico for 2.5 years. There, she started within a project that focused on the uncertainty in runup predictions. In 2020, she obtained a postdoctoral grant at the UNAM that allowed her to investigate the beaching dynamics of Sargassum.


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Atlas. 26 January 2022. Is de kustlijn klaar voor een nieuwe superstorm (television broadcast)

Jantien Rutten

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