Paul Bayle


Paul joined the Environmental Fluid Mechanic section in September 2022 as a postdoc. He is working with Ton van den Bremer and Bas Hofland on the Delta Transport Processes Laboratory project. His role is to co-supervise the development of a novel physical model to study wave-induced flow and current processes in coastal areas including beaches and deltas. 

Paul was previously employed as a postdoc at BRGM (France), co-leading an extensive monitoring campaign of the Arcachon lagoon and inlet to study wave and current hydrodynamics interactions, with specific interest in infragravity waves propagation into the lagoon. 

Paul received his PhD degree from the department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Bath (UK) in 2020, for his thesis on 'Coastal adaptation and nearshore evolution under sea level rise'. 


Paul’s research focuses on coastal wave and current hydrodynamics, physical oceanography and coastal protection, with a specific expertise in soft engineering methods and particularly in dynamic revetment type of structure. He is also experienced in hydro- and morphodynamics field and laboratory experiment, operational oceanography and coastal engineering.

Paul Bayle

Postdoctoral Researcher

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