Marlein Geraeds


Marlein is a PhD candidate at the Hydraulic Engineering department, within the section of Environmental Fluid Mechanics. She holds bachelor and master degrees from Delft University of Technology, in Civil Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering, respectively. Within her master Hydraulic Engineering, she specialised in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, conducting her master thesis research on modelling and understanding the hydrodynamics of an eco-innovative sediment re-use project in the Rotterdam Waterway in 2020.

Besides her master thesis research work, she also previously conducted research on riverine plastic litter at The Ocean Cleanup, aiming to contribute to innovative ways of monitoring riverine litter using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s). After finishing her master, she worked at the Port of Rotterdam as a junior advisor before starting her PhD research.

Marlein’s research interests include numerical modelling, estuarine hydrodynamics, and salt intrusion dynamics.


Marlein’s research is part of the larger SALTISolutions project. Within her research, Marlein focuses on the development of a state-of-the-art 3D hydrostatic salt intrusion model which will be used to determine the role of individual physical mechanisms, (external) forcing, and anthropogenic changes on salt intrusion in the Rhine-Meuse Delta. She will also be looking at implementing parameterisations of non-hydrostatic physics into this hydrostatic model to increase its predictive capabilities.

Marlein Geraeds


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