Project Overview

This page gives an overview of interesting research projects for the different lab facilities over the past years.

Waterwheel efficiency


Facility: Sediment flume

Researchers: Juan Carlo Intriago Zambrano (PhD), in cooperation with aQysta and Jogosa

Description: General performance and efficiency evaluation of a breast-shot waterwheel in sediment flume 

Experiments for model validation of foreland erosion under dike breach conditions


Facility: Sediment flume

Researchers: Joep van der Hagen (MSc) and Mario van den Berg (PhD)

Description: Mechanism of head-cut erosion of a clay cliff at the downstream end of a foreshore was studied using a stationary current over a clay elevation.  

Stability of new type of armour unit


Facility: Wave flume

Researchers: Auke Molenkamp (MSc), Sofyan al Hanati (BSc), in cooperation with ECOncrete

Description: Stability and overtopping tests on were performed on a new armour unit, the CoastaLock. Small vertical displacements were obtained from imaging techniques. Over 600 model units were created from the inhouse 3D printed model shape. (link report)

Droppable oyster broodstock structure


Facility: Wave flume

Researchers: Eva Siderius (MSc)

Description: Testing the positioning accuracy and stability of a droppable oyster broodstock structure, to find the optimal design. (link report)

Salt intrusion field work


Facility: Field work in the Rhine-Meuse Delta

Researchers: Tess Wegman (PhD)

Description: The effect of a drought on salt intrusion is studied in the Rhine-Meuse Delta. Field measurements of flow velocity and salinity were done around the river mouth of the Rhine and various salinity stations were installed in the estuary.

Creeks on tidal flats


Facility: Fieldwork in the Loire, France.

Researchers: Jill Hanssen (PhD)

Description: Tidal flats are often intersected by creeks that interfere with the dewatering of the tidal flat. During a month, we measured flow velocities, turbidity and sediment properties in a creek and on the adjacent tidal flat to gain insight in the flat-creek interactions.

Effect of shape and surface roughness on submerged floating tunnels


Facility: -

Researchers: Niels Ruiter

Description: The influence of surface roughness and shape on the submerged floating tunnel is investigated in wave and current conditions. The hydraulic forces caused by varying tunnel shapes and roughness designs are measured and analyzed.

Wave loads on rubble mound breakwater crown walls


Facility: Wave flume

Researchers: Martijn Veringa

Description: Research aimed at improving or adding to existing design formulas of crown walls. Special attention is paid to the effect of different breakwater geometries on the horizontal vs uplift pressure time-lag, the magnitude of the uplift pressures and the overtopping. Both sliding failure (.gif) and pressure measurements are executed

Effect of mussel growth on vertical poles


Facility: Wave flume

Researchers: Esmée te Velde

Description: Steady flow and wave experiments were executed to study the possibility of integrating mussel aquaculture in the mangrove rehabilitation project in Demak. The drag and inertia forces due to mussel growth on vertical poles exposed to waves were measured during the experiments

Open filters on slope under wave loading


Facility: Wave flume

Researchers: Tim Luijten (MSc)

Description: The stability of under layers of a rock protection on a slope is tested under irregular wave loading. The characteristics of the under layer material, like size and grading width, are varied.

Effect of bed roughness on dam-break waves


Facility: Tilting flume

Researchers: Maarten Buitelaar

Description: The goal of this study is to characterise the effect of bottom roughness on the wave front celerity, water depth and wave front profile of dam-break waves in a channel with initially dry and wet beds. Artificially and naturally created roughness plates are placed in the flume just after a gate mechanism.



Reversed open sand-gravel filter with surcharge


Facility: Dedicated reversed filter facility in Stevin 2 lab.

Researchers: Robert Lengkeek (MSc)

Description: The stability of an open filter with sand above gravel, under small hydraulic loading by porous flows is studies. Specifically the influence of a large surcharge, that mimics the weight of the sand layer above the interface.


Marker Wadden Fieldwork


Facility: Field work at Marker Wadden

Researchers:  Anne Ton (PhD) plus MSc students

Description: Study of the nearshore hydrodynamics (ADV, OSSI) and topographical measurements techniques (drone, stereovision, GPS) at the sandy shores of the Marker Wadden, where unlike normal beaches no tides or swell waves occur.



Texel Fieldwork


Facility: Field work

Researchers: Marlies van der Lugt (PhD)

Description: Field measurements of hydrodynamics and bedload transport were conducted at the Prins Hendrikzanddijk on Texel, a retrofit estuarine beach in close proximity of a tidal channel, to investigate beach profile dynamics under mixed-energy conditions.




Facility: Flood Proof Holland

Researchers: Danny Janssen (PhD)

Description: At Flood Proof Holland an emergency measure to close dike breaches is tested at mid scale.


Flow field around submerged groins

2020 - 2021

Facility: 5-m flume

Researchers: Johan Harms (MSc research) 

Description: Detailed tests have been made on the flow field around submerged river groins. Experiments were done with an array electromagnetic flow sensors and surface floaters (PTV).


Cauchy-scaled model of willow trees


Facility: Wave flume
Researchers: Su Kalloe (PhD research)
Description: The wave damping performance of a managed willow forest (griend) is measured, and scale effects are determined. The forest is a replica of the forest that was tested at real scale in the Delta Flume, including scaled flexibility of the branches.

Extreme waves due to abrupt depth transitions


Facility: Wave flume
Researchers: Madelief Doeleman (MSc)
Description: An experimental study into the occurrence of extreme waves due to abrupt depth transitions at future offshore wind farm locations along the Dutch coast. (see link)

LED-based PIV measurement of confined wave impacts

2019 - 2020

Facility: Wave flume
Researchers: Wout Bakker & Ermano de Almeida
Description: A large-scale LED-based light sheet was developed by Wout. This was used for PIV measurements of confined wave impacts in the DynaHicS project by Ermano.

Recurves on seawalls

August 2020

Facility: Wave flume
Researchers: Alessandro Antonini (Assistant Professor) and
Dimitris Dermentzoglou (Master student)
Description: The influence of a recurve parapet on the forces on, and the wave overtopping a vertical seawall is measured.  

Dune Erosion at the Sand Engine

August 2020

Facility: Field work (drone)
Researcher: Jasper Scheijmans (Master Thesis)
Description: A 40 ft container has been placed on the beach, in which artificial dunes are made to investigate coastal dune erosion speeds for different dune forms

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Sediment-laden flows triggered by water jets

June 2020

Facility: Breaching flume
Researcher: Patricia Buffon (PhD student)
Description: Patricia is investigating the formation of turbidity currents by an impinging 2D water jet. If you like to know more about this research please contact

BresDefender: Effect on the phreatic surface of a dike

June 2020

Facility: Sediment flume
Researcher: Danny Janssen (PhD student)
Effect of an impermeable plate on the phreatic surface level in a dike.

Scour in front of a breakwater

May 2020

Facility: Wave flume
Researcher: Casper Jantzen (Master Thesis)
The goal of this study is to characterise the maximum scour and scour over time in front of the toe of a rubble mound structure and how this is influenced by the bottom protection in front of the structure.

Coral Wave Damping

March 2020

Facility: Wave flume
Researcher: Paul van Wiechen (Master Thesis)

Flow structures around the inlet sill of longitudinal training walls

March 2020

Facility: 3-m shallow flow flume
Researcher: Annemarie van Os (Master Thesis)
Description: Research about the flow structures around the inlet of longitudinal training walls for the development of a parameterisation of sediment transport over the sill.

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Rocking Revisited

February 2020

Facility: Wave flume
Researcher: Daan Houtzager (Master Thesis)
Description: Embedded rocking sensors

SprayWater: wave impacts

December 2019

Facility: Wave flume
Researcher: Dr. Xuexue Chen
Description: Wave impact at an inclined wall.

Calibrate a wave buoy

December 2019

Facility: Wave flume
Researcher: Jorick Laan (Bachelor Thesis)


November 2019

Facility: Wave flume
Researcher: Mike van Meerkerk (PhD)
Description: Detailed measurement of the variability of an impacting wave with stereo-PLIF.

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Drop Logs for Bed Protection

July 2019

Facility: Tilting flume
Researcher: Mario van den Berg (Master Thesis)
Description: This research aimed to verify if the Izbash and Shields criteria for rock can be used for logs to create functional and safe designs.

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Wave damping due to wooden fences


Facility: Wave flume
Researcher: Hoang Tung Dao (PhD student)
Description: A small scale investigation of wave damping by wooden fences in the Mekong Delta coast.

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Bank Erosion at the Maas

September 2018

Facility: Drone (fieldwork)
Researcher: Gonzalo Duró (PhD student)
Description: This work analyses and integrates field measurements of flow, ship waves, bank composition, bed topography and historical maps to explain observed bankline patterns along two reaches of the river.

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