Delta Program

The chair of Hydraulic Engineering got involved with the Delta Commission (2008) and the Delta Programme (2009-2014). Matthijs Kok, Bas Jonkman, Wim Kanning, Jan Stijnen and Ties Rijcken wrote a report for the Commission that showed how the Dutch flood defense system can be upgraded to withstand a sea level rise of 1m30 (here).

The report contributed to the Delta Commission’s recommended budget and their twelve recommendations, mainly nr 1 (safety standards) and nr 10 (Rijnmond region). With Urbanism and Knowledge for Climate, the Rijnmond was studied in 2009 and 2010, resulting in six reports. Since 2008, Bas Jonkman, Matthijs Kok, Han Vrijling and other Hydraulic Engineering researchers wrote an number of publications on Dutch flood safety and standards.

Hydraulic Engineering and Delft University of Technology are now connected with the Delta programme through the DRI project ‘Deltaprogramma Link Delft’; containing news items ranging between million-euro research projects to hydraulic engineering bachelor projects, and a column about hot topics in the Delta Programme, by Hydraulic Engineering-researcher Ties Rijcken.

In 2012, a number of bachelor theses where written on Delta Programme topics, such as on the Rhine bifurcations, the Hollandse IJssel and multifunctional flood defenses. Masters theses in 2012 dealt with eg the Eastern Scheldt barrier and the Merwede. Many student theses on Delta Programme-related topics can be found in the TU Delft repository. New projects are on their way, such as on critical levee sections and on the relation between flood risk and fresh water supply, and we welcome further collaboration with the Delta Programme.