Water Power Generation

Worldwide, there is a growing need for sustainable energy generation. But what is even more important there is an urgent need for energy storage, to bridge windless and sunless periods . Hydro power is one of the proven technologies in mountainous areas to generate and store energy, but for slow sloping or nearly flat delta areas new technologies have to be developed. For energy generation simplified and efficient low-head turbines could be the right direction and for energy storage the research is focussed on pump storage plants. To reduce costs per kWh a first research direction is the design of large scale plants (low head combined with high discharges at relative low costs ). Our group has been involved in studies on a tidal power plant in the Brouwersdam. As another innovative idea it has been suggested to use some of the polders  in the Southwest in the Netherlands for energy generation.

A second direction is related to the size of a single house or block of apartments. If it is possible to combine energy storage facilities with already existing elements, like a (cellular) foundation or stability core wall. One of the new promising developments is to combine hydro power and gravity power.

Proposal for combining the “ontpoldering” of the Hedwigepolder with tidal power generation (by L. Mooyaart, Royal Haskoning)