Dominik Paprotny

He is a native of Szczecin, Poland. He has completed bachelor and master studies in geography at the University of Szczecin. During 2013–14 he was employed at that University as a researcher and moved to TU Delft in October 2014.  His work is related with flood hazard and risk analysis, geographical information systems and economic geography.


Publications in English

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Publications in Polish

Paprotny D. 2014. Poziom rozwoju Polski w relacji do państw zachodnich. Wiadomości Statystyczne, 3, 48-65.

Paprotny D. 2013. Kartowanie ryzyka powodziowego w kontekście rozwiązań europejskich na przykładzie Wybrzeża Trzebiatowskiego. In: Borówka R. K., Cedro A., Kavetskyy I. (Eds.). Współczesne problemy badań geograficznych. Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Wydział Nauk o Ziemi. Szczecin. 291-302.

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2010–2012: Flood hazard in the Trzebiatów Coast, Poland

2013–2014: Coastal flood hazard in Poland as part of the project “Satellite Monitoring of the Baltic Sea Environment” (SatBałtyk)

2014–2017: Flood hazards and flood defences safety in Europe as part of the project “Risk Analysis of Infrastructure Networks in Response to Extreme Weather” (RAIN)

2016–2017: Natural hazards indicators for testing and implementing innovations in Europe as part of the project “Bridging the Gap for Innovations in Disaster Resilience” (BRIGAID)

2017–2018: Research traineeship “Development of compound flood risk tools” at the European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy.

Dominik Paprotny

Guest Researcher

Presence: irregular