Andres Diaz Loaiza


Andres is a civil engineer from the National University of Colombia, he did his master (DEA) and PhD at the Technical University of Catalonia (BarcelonaTech - UPC). In his employment experience, he has worked on multiple international projects related to private consultancy and research in Tanzania, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and The Netherlands. For the last, he worked at IVM-VU in the Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer project closely with Deltares, Utrecht University, Water Resources Institute (WRI - USA) and the PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency). He has excellent programming and modelling skills and experience with several languages, models and supercomputing programming as an active user of SURFSARA cluster. These topics have always been complemented with laboratory and field instrumentation. At TU Delft he is part of the team that is researching on coastal floods produced by hurricanes/typhoons and their impacts over building and the society.


His research is focused on environmental and social problems related to floods (riverine and coastal) or droughts at a global and local scale. This includes topics such as: Computational fluid dynamics, hydraulic/hydrological modelling, scour and sediment transport, river morphology, stochastic modelling, GIS, flood and drought risk assessment. He has participated in different European research projects funded by the European Commission, the government of Netherlands and the World Bank. Within TU – Delft, he join the team for research on TKI, SARCC and AXA projects.

Educational Activities

He has given lectures and supervises students from master and bachelor studies since the year 2009 at UPC, IHE and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for the Flood Risk Management Master and Hydrology/Hydraulic courses. At TU Delft he will supervise master and bachelor students for the faculty of civil engineering and geosciences. 

Andres Diaz Loaiza

Researcher of hydrodynamic modelling and flood risk assessment

Presence: Mon - Fri