Ermano de Almeida

Ermano de Almeida completed his M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in 2014, specializing himself in Coastal and River Engineering. Afterwards, he worked during one year and a half in Liechtenstein at the headquarters of Hilti in the department of structural anchors. 

During 2015-2017 Ermano completed the CoMEM Master (Coastal and Maritime Engineering and Management), studying at TU Delft, NTNU and the University of Southampton. During this period he was part of physical modelling campaigns from NTNU and Deltares (as part of the Hydralab+ project, with tests carried out in Delft and Portugal). He graduated in 2017 at TU Delft, with his thesis on “Damage assessment of coastal structures in climate change adaptation”, and contributed, firstly, to improve the damage characterization methods and parameters currently used, and secondly ,to evaluate upgrading alternatives for existing coastal structures in climate change scenarios.

Currently, Ermano is a PhD candidate on the topic of wave impact on hydraulic structures at the Section of Hydraulic Structures and Flood Risk.  

Ermano de Almeida

PhD Student

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