Nadieh Meinen


Nadieh Meinen graduated in 2015 with a MSc. degree in Structural Mechanics at the faculty of Civil Engineering of the TU Delft. Her Master thesis focussed on the probabilistic assessment of wind-loaded façade elements and was carried out in close collaboration with the department of Structural Reliability at TNO.

After her graduation, Nadieh started working as a junior researcher at the department of Structural Reliability at TNO. Her main activities focused on the probabilistic assessment of structures and structural elements, the calibration of semi-probabilistic design formats and the performing of data- and statistical analysis.

In 2018 Nadieh started a position as a PhD candidate at the Section of Hydraulic Structures and Flood Risk at the TU Delft. The PhD is a collaboration between Rijkwaterstaat, TNO and the TU Delft and focuses on the probabilistic assessment of vertical hydraulic structures such as sluices or storm-surge barriers. The PhD is conducted under the supervision of Prof. dr. ir. S.N. Jonkman and Dr. ir. R. D. J. M. Steenbergen.

(Key) Publications

Meinen N.E., Steenbergen R.D.J.M., Geurts C.P.W., van Bentum C.A. (2017) Probabilistic Assessment of Wind-Loaded Façade Elements. In: Caspeele R., Taerwe L., Proske D. (eds) 14th International Probabilistic Workshop. Springer, Cham

Nadieh Meinen

PhD Student

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