Jonkman, S.N.


Bas Jonkman holds Msc and PhD degrees in civil engineering from Delft University. In the past he has worked for Rijkswaterstaat, Royal Haskoning and UC Berkeley. He has investigated the levee failures in New Orleans and other countries and has been involved in engineering and flood risk studies in several areas around the world. He is an advisor for Rijkswaterstaat, a member of the Dutch Expertise Network on Flood Protection (ENW), the Advisory Committee on Water (AcW) and is the chairman of the hydraulic engineering department of the Dutch association of engineers (KIVI).


His research interests include flood risk management, and the design of hydraulic infrastructures, such as flood defences and storm surge barriers. Dr. Jonkman is currently leading a number of national and international research projects focusing on nature-based flood protection,  and the forensic investigation of failures of flood defences. He is also the coordinator of a recently awarded European project called BRIGAID. The project focuses on the development of innovative solutions to reduce the risks of floods, drought and extreme weather.

Educational activities

MSc. courses

  • CIE5314 – Flood Defences
  • CIE4130 – Probabilistic Design

Jonkman also guides a large number of MSc students for their Msc thesis (CIE5060).

Key publications

  • Jonkman S.N. (2013) Advanced flood risk analysis required. Nature Climate Change Vol. 3, Dec. 2013 1004 
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  • Jonkman S.N., Vrijling J.K., Vrouwenvelder A.C.W.M. (2008) Methods for the estimation of loss of life due to floods: A literature review and a proposal for a new method, Natural Hazards, Vol.46/3, pp. 353-389
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Bas Jonkman

Professor of Integral Hydraulic Engineering