Pengxu Zou


Pengxu holds M.Sc. degree in Hydraulic engineering from Tianjin University, specializing himself in Port and Coastal Engineering. Afterwards, he joined in CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Lt after graduation in 2017 and had working experience in port engineering design for two years, especially in breakwater, revetment and terminal structure design.

Currently, Pengxu is a PhD researcher on the topic of hydrodynamic characteristics of submerged floating tunnel under wave and current impacts at the Section of Hydraulic Structures and Flood Risk.

Key Publications

  • LI Shao⁃wu, ZOU Peng⁃xu, CHEN Han⁃bao. Numerical study on wave⁃dissipating performance and mooring force of a newtype of floating breakwater. [J]. Journal of Waterway and Harbor, 2016, 37(06):573-577(Chinese).
  • ZOU Peng-xu.(2017) “Study on hydrodynamic performances of a new type of floating breakwater for emergency” [D].Tianjin University,2017(Chinese).
  • ZOU Peng⁃xu, Ding Jian-jun, Wang Xin. Numerical Simulation Analysis on Influence Factors of Steel Tubular and Sheet Pile Structure. [J]. Port Engineering Technology ,2018,55(06):56-60(Chinese).
  • CHEN Liang-zhi,ZOU Peng-xu,Peng Zhi-hao, Numerical Simulation of Semi-rigid Cement Soil Mixing Pile for Soft Foundation. [J].Port&Waterway Engineering, 2019(01):156-162(Chinese).
  • ZOU Peng⁃xu, CHEN Liang-zhi,PENG Zhi-hao, Analysis on Characteristics of Semi-Rigid Cement Soil Mixing Pile and Effect of Graded Construction for Soft Foundation. [J]. Journal of Waterway and Harbor, 2019, 40(01):99-105(Chinese).

Pengxu Zou

PhD Student

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