Alfred Roubos

Alfred Roubos is currently a guest researcher at TU Delft. He did his (part-time) PhD research in the field of marine structures. His PhD research aimed to improve port performance by a reliability based rehabilitation assessment of quay walls.  This research contributed to a better understanding of uncertainties, hidden safeties and reliability in the design of quay walls. One of the objectives was to acquire more insight in actual performance of existing quay walls in order to ensure safety and support decision making processes.

Alfred is also employed at the Port of Rotterdam Authority and is involve in various types of projects regarding development of green fields, expansion of existing terminals and dredging works. He holds a MSc degree of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of the Delft University of Technology, with a specialization in hydraulic structures and probabilistic design.  In 2007 his master thesis “Dealing with uncertainties in the design of bottom protection near quay walls” was awarded with the PIANC Paepe Willems Award. Since 2012 he became a board member of the Dutch YP’s of PIANC and is involved in several national and international committees. Alfred was secretary of CUR211 the 2nd edition of the Handbook Quay Walls, editor of CUR186 the new handbook Historic Urban Quay Walls and editor of CUR206 Handbook Flexible Dolphins. On behalf of the Netherlands Alfred is participating in PIANC WG145 Berthing velocities and fender design and PIANC WG164 Deepening of existing berths. Since 2006 Alfred is involved in several research projects preliminary focusing on the developments in the Port of Rotterdam regarding quay walls, jetties, flexible dolphins and scour protection. Alfred is a lecturer of several post academic courses and worked in the past for the Rotterdam University.  His teaching and research interest include:

  • Design and assessment of quay walls in fully operational port districts.
  • Assessment of historic urban quay walls adjacent to city centers.
  • Design and assessment of jetties and flexible dolphins.
  • Design of bottom protection near marine structures and revetments.
  • Probabilistic design of quay walls and bottom protection near quay walls.
  • Berthing, mooring configurations and fender design.
  • Design of flexible dolphins.
  • Dredging works in sheltered port districts.
  • Port development  and master planning of marine terminals.

Alfred Roubos

Guest Researcher

Presence: Wed

Secondary Company: Port of Rotterdam Authority