A.S.K. Elkadi (Ahmed)

Dr. Ahmed Elkadi is a chartered civil (geotechnical) engineer and researcher with over 25 years of experience. His academic qualifications include Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Egypt, 1991, and Master and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands, in 2000 and 2005, respectively.

 Dr. Elkadi’s experience cover industrial assignments as a geotechnical consultant in many parts of the world (EU, Costa Rica, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Paraguay, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates) as well as a researcher in applied geotechnical engineering with Deltares, and before that with TNO applied research institute, on topics related to, among others, numerical (large-deformation) modelling of geotechnical soil-structure problems, climate resiliency of road embankments, and the use of remote sensing for applications related to climate resilience of infrastructure. He has a broad background in geotechnical and civil engineering, including site investigation and laboratory work, foundation design, non-destructive foundation testing, hazard and risk assessment, forensic engineering, and offshore geotechnics. Over the last few years he has been involved and leading industrial research projects related to the installation of monopiles (offshore wind foundations) and more specifically the numerical modelling of the installation process using the material point method.

 From November 2018, Elkadi is part-time project manager in the section of Offshore Engineering (OE) at Delft University of Technology led by Prof. Andrei Metrikine. My specific task is the managing the field experimental phase of the innovation project Gentle Driving of Piles (GDP) with a dozen of offshore industrial partners and many colleagues from the section OE.

Dr. ir. Ahmed Elkadi