Apostolos Tsouvalas

Apostolos Tsouvalas is currently employed as AssociateProfessor at the Offshore Engineering section of the Civil Engineering faculty at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He received his engineering diploma from the National Technical University of Athens in 2007 and his MSc degree in Delft in 2009. After completion of his MSc studies, he worked for a Dutch engineering firm for a period of two years before starting his PhD research on the radiated underwater noise generated by offshore pile driving. He received his PhD degree in 2015. His research interests focus on a wide range of problems related to structural dynamics and wave mechanics. The main application areas of his research include: Dynamics and wave mechanics of elastic systems - Earthquake engineering - Structural and environmental acoustics - Soil-fluid and soil-structure interaction - Dynamics of offshore structures.

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A selection of Apostolos’s publications on ResearchGate

Apostolos Tsouvalas

Assistant professor Offshore Engineering

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