J.M. Barbosa (João)

João Barbosa works as a Researcher in the fields of Structural/Soil/Fluid Dynamics. He first joined TU Delft in 2014, focussing mostly on offshore applications, and after an adventure of 18 months at the Institute of Railway Research (England), João returned to TU Delft in June 2018 to focus on Railway applications.

João obtained his PhD diploma from the University of Porto (Portugal), on the topics of soil dynamics, moving loads, and vibration mitigation. João’s expertise falls in the field of numerical methods for partial differential equations, namely the Finite Element and the Boundary Element methods. He has applied these methods to solve railway problems (involving moving loads) and earthquake engineering problems (involving interaction of structure with soil).

Topics of research that João has been involved include:

Train-track interaction

Structure-soil interaction

  • Vortex induced vibrations
  • Pantograph-catenary interaction



João De Oliveira Barbosa

Post-Doc Researcher