Alex Kirichek


Dr. Alex Kirichek is an Assistant professor of Ports and Waterways at Delft University of Technology. He obtained his PhD in Applied Geophysics at TU Delft, where he conducted a multidisciplinary research on electrokinetics and seismics for developing novel geophysical surveying methods. After his PhD, he carried out a postdoctoral research on rheology of fluid mud at TU Delft and worked on a number of port-related research topics at Deltares.


Dr. Kirichek is conducting an innovative applied research that is driven by industrial and societal challenges in port operations. His research interests are manly focused on developing sustainable solutions for maintenance of ports and waterways, navigation and port infrastructure, digitalization in ports, and nature-based technologies for sediment management. Dr. Kirichek is leading the MUDNET foundation, that provides an academic exchange platform for fine-grained sediment expertise, regarding processes (flocculation, settling, consolidation), behaviour (rheology, transport) and management.

(Key) publications

Shakeel A., Kirichek A. and Chassagne C., Rheological analysis of natural and diluted mud suspensions, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 286,104434,

Shakeel A., Kirichek A., Chassagne C. (2020) Yield stress measurements of mud sediments using different rheological methods and geometries: An evidence of two-step yielding, Marine Geology, 427,

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Kirichek A., Chassagne C., Ghose R. (2017) Dielectric spectroscopy of granular material in an electrolyte solution of any ionic strength, Coll. and Surf. A: Phys. and Eng. Asp. 533

Alex Kirichek

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