Van Koningsveld, M. (Mark)

Mark van Koningsveld holds an MSc (1998) and a PhD degree (2003) in civil engineering from the University of Twente. After his PhD work, which was carried out at WL|Delft Hydraulics, later Deltares, he continued to work there until 2008.

In 2008 he switched jobs to work for Van Oord. During his time at Van Oord, Van Koningsveld has been active in the fields of environmental engineering and data science both with a strong focus on innovation.

He has been part of the Management Team of the EcoShape foundation, which runs the Building with Nature innovation programme, and currently still is secretary of the Topsector Water & Maritiem on behalf of the business node of the Dutch Diamond (government, research institutes, NGO’s and businesses).

He currently holds the position of Manager R&D Engineering and has been appointed to a corporate taskforce structuring Van Oord's research and development activities.

Van Koningsvelds research interest focuses on the application of science for decision making. His PhD work at the University of Twente, which was titled 'Matching Specialist Knowledge with End User Needs', is a clear testimony of this focus.

His work at Van Oord is very much directed at this same interface with special attention to roadmaps for marine infrastructure development, offshore and offshore wind, engineering and estimating tools and equipment development.

The chair of Ports and Waterways aligns perfectly with this focus, aiming for efficient and effective solutions on the interface of nautical processes, logistics and environmental factors, which includes physical factors like wind, waves and depth, but also man made restrictions in the form of limits, regulations, etc.

Van Koningsvelds is involved in the following Msc. courses:

  • CIE4330 - Ports and Waterways 1
  • CIE5306 - Ports and Waterways 2

Van Koningsveld also guides MSc students for their Msc thesis (CIE5060).

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Mark van Koningsveld

Professor Ports and Waterways