The department 3MD focuses on the design, construction and management of civil infrastructures and buildings. A multi-scale research approach is followed, starting at micro-scale (materials), to meso-scale (structures) and to macro-scale (infrastructures/systems).

The department governs the entire life cycle of materials/structures/systems from design, management, maintenance to demolition or reuse. The department has strong competences in modelling and design for both civil infrastructures as well as buildings. Research addressed in the department 3MD is broad in scope, but also deep in approach. The research work is fundamental and applied in nature, and has a mono-, multi- or trans-disciplinary character. The scientific work keeps pace with the highest level in the international scientific community and with the front line of technical innovations. It is connected to high-end utilization in construction practice. For its experimental research the department has access to the state-of-the-art MicroLab. This department works in close connection with the other department in structural engineering Engineering Structures (ES).

Our department is grouped into research groups, each of which has its own field of study. Click on the name of the research group for further information: