Dr.ir. F.P. (Frans) van der Meer


I am associate professor in the computational mechanics group at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. I obtained my PhD cum laude from the same group in 2010. I spent one year as a postdoc at the Ecole Central de Nantes and shorter periods at the University of Bristol, NASA Langley Research Center, the University of Porto and the University of Girona. I have received a Veni grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO) in 2012 and a Vidi grant in 2018. 

Research themes

  • Modeling of failure in composite materials
  • Modeling of fatigue crack growth
  • Multiscale modeling


My research is focused on developing new methods to address challenges in the analysis of composite materials. Challenges for predicting the performance of composites include fracture, fatigue and environmental aging. Methods on which I have worked include X-FEM, level set methods and computational homogenization. 

  • I.B.C.M. Rocha, F.P. van der Meer, S. Raijmaekers, F. Lahuerta, R.P.L. Nijssen, L.P. Mikkelsen, and L.J. Sluys. A combined experimental/numerical investigation on hygrothermal aging of fiber-reinforced composites. Eur J Mech Solids, 73:407–419, 2019.
  • I.B.C.M. Rocha, F.P. van der Meer, R.P.L. Nijssen, and L.J. Sluys. A multiscale and multiphysics numerical framework for modelling of hygrothermal ageing in laminated composites. Int J Numer Method Eng, 2017. 
  • M. Latifi, F.P. van der Meer, and L.J. Sluys. An interface thick level set model for simulating delamination in composites. Int J Numer Method Eng, 2017. 
  • F.P. van der Meer and C.G. Dávila. Cohesive modeling of transverse cracking in laminates under in-plane loading with a single layer of elements per ply. Int J Solids Struct. 50:3308-3318, 2013. 
  • F.P. van der Meer, N. Moës, and L.J. Sluys. A level set model for delamination — Modeling crack growth without cohesive zone or stress singularity. Eng Fract Mech. 79:191-212, 2012. 
  • F.P. van der Meer, L.J. Sluys, S.R. Hallett, and M.R. Wisnom. Computational modeling of complex failure mechanisms in laminates. J Compos Mater, 46:603–623, 2012. 
    • MSc course CIE5144 Stability of Structures
    • MSc course CIE5123 Introduction to the Finite Element Method
    • MSc course CIE5128 FRP Structures
    • ProfEd course FRP Composites in Structural Engineering

    Frans van der Meer

    Associate Professor

    Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

    Applied Mechanics

    Computational Mechanics

    Iris Nederhof-van Woggelum

    F.P. van der Meer

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