Dr.ir. J. Weerheijm

PhD Delft University of Technology


Dr. Weerheijm studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Delft. In 1981 he joined TNO Defence Security and Safety ( the former Prins Maurits Laboratory) and gained experience in explosion effects, soil and structural dynamics. In 1992 he finished his PhD study on concrete material behaviour at high loading rates. After being the manager of the research group Explosion Prevention and Protection for 10 years, in 2003 he rejoined the TU Delft for two days a week. He is responsible for the research field Impact Dynamics of Structures and Materials.

Dr. Weerheijm was in charge of the TNO contribution to the governmental research of the firework disaster in Enschede 2000. At TNO he is senior research scientist and responsible for the research on protective materials under extreme conditions. He also is programme manager for explosion safety in tunnels and the resilience of urban infrastructure.

Research interests

Material dynamics, heterogeneous materials; rate effects in concrete; fracture mechanics; structural dynamics; explosion effects and wave phenomena.

Some publications

Weerheijm, J., Mediavilla Varas, J. and Doormaal, J. C. A. M. v. (2009)
Explosive loading of multi story RC buildings, Dynamic response and progressive collapse.
Journal of Engineering Mechanics, accepted for publication.
Weerheijm, J., Doormaal, J.C.A.M. van and Mediavilla, J. (2008)
Concrete structures under blast loading; Dynamic response, damage & residual strength.
Chapter in book: Urban Structures Resilience under Multi-Hazard Threats: Lessons of 9/11 and Research Issues for Urban Future Work. Editor: H.J.Pasman. Springer, 2008.
Voort, M.M., van der, Doormaal., J.C.A.M. van, Verolme, E.K. and Weerheijm, J. (2008)
A universal throw model and its applications.
International Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol. 35, February 2008, p 109-118.
Weerheijm,, J, and Doormaal, J.C.A.M. van (2007)
Tensile failure of concrete at high loading rates; new test data on strength and fracture energy from instrumented spalling tests.
Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol. 34; March 2007, p.609 - 626.
Weerheijm, J., Vegt, I. and Breugel, K. van (2007)
Research developments and experimental data on dynamic concrete behaviour
C.U. Grosse (ed.), in: Advances in construction materials 2007; Berlin: Springer, p. 765-773
Berg, A.C. van den Berg, Weerheijm, J. (2006)
Blast phenomena in urban tunnel systems,
Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industry, 19 (2006) 598-603

More publications


Jaap Weerheijm

  • +31 15 278 8267
  • J.Weerheijm@tudelft.nl
  • Delft University of Technology

    Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

    Room: 6.47


    Stevinweg 1

    2628 CN Delft

    The Netherlands


    Fax: +31 15 278 5767

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