L.J. Sluys


Professor Bert Sluys received his PhD from Delft University of Technology in 1992. After that he was a Research Fellow of the Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) at Delft University of Technology (1992-1997). He was a post-doctoral researcher at Brown University, Providence, USA (1993), at the University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia (1996) and at the University of Glasgow, U.K (1996). He was a Visiting Professor at the Laboratoire de Mecanique et Technologie, ENS de Cachan, France (1997) and at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon (INSA), France (2001). In 1999 he became the head of the Computational Mechanics group at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of Delft University of Technology. Since 2005 he is a Full Professor (chair Computational Mechanics) and since 2018 he is the head of the Department Materials, Mechanics, Management and Design (3MD).

Research Interests

Computational mechanics of materials, modelling of failure processes, multi-scale methods, computational modelling of high-performance materials

Recent Publications

Li, K., Stroeven, P., Stroeven, M. and Sluys, L.J. (2017)
A numerical investigation into the influence of the interfacial transition zone on the permeability of partially saturated cement paste between aggregate surfaces. Cement and Concrete Research, 102, p.99-108.(

Pereira, L.F., Weerheijm, J. and Sluys, L.J. (2017)
A new effective rate dependent damage model for dynamic tensile failure of concrete. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 176, p.281-299. (

Rocha, I.B.C.M., Meer, F.P. van der, Nijssen, R.P.L. and Sluys, L.J. (2017)
A multiscale and multiphysics numerical framework for modelling of hygrothermal ageing in laminated composites. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 112(4), p.360-379. (

Voormeeren, L.O., Meer, F.P. van der, Maljaars, J. and Sluys, L.J. (2017)
A new method for fatigue life prediction based on the Thick Level Set approach. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 182, p.449-466. (

Alfaiate, J. and Sluys, L.J. (2018)
On the use of non-iterative methods in cohesive fracture. International Journal of Fracture, 210(1/2), p.167-186. (

More Publications

Bert Sluys

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