Structural Design / Building Engineering

Main research lines of the group are structural glass, i.e. glass as construction material, and forensic engineering. Current research focusses on glass bricks, moulded glass elements and glass structures, as well as on scientific research on structural failures and structural risk management.


Within the group several PhD students are working on actual and relevant research questions. such as: Responsibilities in Building, Structural Design and the Adaptive Reuse of Existing Building Structures, Prefabricated Concrete in Buildings and Computational Design. This research is centered around the theme's of the 3TU programme "Speerpunt Bouw". This inter-university programme (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente) addresses the big questions that Dutch building society will be confonted with in the coming decades. The themes Building Engineering would like to address are:

  • Computational Design
  • Structural Design and Safety
  • Production Assembly and Technology
  • Special and Complete Structures
  • Building Physics and Technology
  • Recent research on the Structural Response to Earthquakes is available here

Master students are encouraged to join the research initiatives of Structural Design / Building Engineering.

Stevin-II Lab

Besides facilities for desk research and design studies, we also use the Stevin-II lab for exploration and verification research. In the lab a unique and complete collection of measuring and testing equipment is available, as well as the technicians that assist you in the use of thes facilities.