J.G. (Jan) Rots

Professor of Structural Mechanics

Jan Rots (born in 1958) is a full professor of Structural Mechanics at the faculty. He concentrates on the principles of strength, distortions and tensions and their effect on buildings. It is especially the link between strength, shape and material that plays an important role: the research and education of the Chair are focused primarily on architectural design. Research is conducted into, among other things, masonry mechanics and support glass, and the Chair also researches, in collaboration with other Chairs, aspects of mechanics of niche materials such as carton. In addition, Rots examines the development and application of 3D computer models that can provide insights and predictions into how a particular construction will behave. These are then put into practice for concrete problems such as those of the Noord-Zuidlijn in Amsterdam, where the chances were assessed of cracks appearing in the stonework of historical buildings when the tunnel was being drilled. The Chair teaches both Bachelor’s and Master’s students. An example of a subject taught by Rots is Strength of Materials in the Bachelor’s degree programme, in which students learn how they can dimension the support construction parts of their building. The Chair offers more specialised subjects during the Master’s degree programme, such as gaining insight into the mechanics of blobs.

Rots studied civil engineering. For a long time he worked as a researcher at TNO, among other things on the development of DIANA, a 3D computer programme that works according to the finite element method. He was the acting dean of the faculty until mid-2006, and he sits on various committees.

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Chair of Structural Mechanics

Jan Rots

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