The objectives of the education program that is offered by the section can be formulated as follows:

  • Acquaintance with the most important types of structures and acquisition of insight for their response under the influence of loads and other environmental conditions, in particular ground, water and wind.
  • Understanding and application of the most important methods and techniques which can be utilized for analysis of the mechanical response of structures.
  • Comprehension of mechanical problems formulation in terms of analysis models of various levels of complexity.
  • Development of the capability to verify and interpret the results of computations in conjunction with the physical properties of the model and the structure.
  • Development of the capability to evaluate whether the safety and serviceability of a structure are satisfactory.

Because of the significant increase in demand for graduates in the field of dynamics of structures (buildings, bridges, hydraulic structures, offshore structures, earthquake-induced structural vibrations), students may persue an annotation Dynamics of Structures. The annotation offers a comprehensive, practically relevant and rather advanced cluster of courses which enhance the studentā€™s knowledge in dynamics of structures to the world-class level.