Dr. I. (Iuri) B.C.M. Rocha


I received my BSc (2010) and MSc (2013) from the Federal University of Ceará (Brazil). From 2014 to 2018 I worked as research scientist at the Knowledge Centre WMC (The Netherlands) where I conducted my PhD research in collaboration with TU Delft and multiple industrial partners. After that I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Computational Mechanics group of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of TU Delft (2018-2020). Since July 2020 I have been working on the same group as assistant professor on mechanics of nano-structured materials.


My research focuses on developing fast and accurate computational mechanics tools for high-fidelity multiscale and multiphysics analysis of complex materials. My research lines of interest include:

  • Concurrent multiscale modeling (computational homogenization)
  • Modeling of material degradation and failure across scales
  • Manifold learning, projection-based model-order reduction, hyper-reduction
  • Physics-informed machine learning for surrogate modeling
  • Bayesian inference/learning, adaptive methods, active learning
  • IBCM Rocha, P Kerfriden, FP van der Meer (2020). Micromechanics-based surrogate models for the response of composites: A critical comparison between a classical mesoscale constitutive model, hyper-reduction and neural networks. Eur J Mech Sol 82:103995.
  • IBCM Rocha, FP van der Meer, LJ Sluys (2020). An adaptive domain-based POD/ECM hyper-reduced modeling framework without offline training. Comput Method Appl Mech Eng 358:112650.
  • IBCM Rocha, FP van der Meer, LJ Sluys (2019). Efficient micromechanical analysis of fiber-reinforced composites subjected to cyclic loading through time homogenization and reduced-order modeling. Comput Method Appl Mech Eng 345:644-670.
  • IBCM Rocha, FP van der Meer, S Raijmaekers, F Lahuerta, RPL Nijssen, LP Mikkelsen, LJ Sluys (2019). A combined experimental/numerical investigation on hygrothermal aging of fiber-reinforced composites. Eur J Mech Sol 73:407-419.
  • IBCM Rocha, FP van der Meer, RPL Nijssen, LJ Sluys (2017). A multiscale and multiphysics numerical framework for modelling of hygrothermal ageing in laminated composites. Int J Numer Method Eng 112:360-379.
  • IBCM Rocha, S Raijmaekers, RPL Nijssen, FP van der Meer, LJ Sluys (2017). Hygrothermal ageing behaviour of a glass/epoxy composite used in wind turbine blades. Compos Struct 174:110-122.
  • IBCM Rocha, S Raijmaekers, FP van der Meer, RPL Nijssen, HR Fischer, LJ Sluys (2017). Combined experimental/numerical investigation of directional moisture diffusion in glass/epoxy composites. Compos Sci Tech 151:16-24.
  • IBCM Rocha, E Parente Jr, AMC Melo (2014). A hybrid shared/distributed memory parallel genetic algorithm for optimization of laminate composites. Compos Struct 107:288-297.

Iuri B.C.M. Rocha

Assistant Professor

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Applied Mechanics

Computational Mechanics

Iris Nederhof-van Woggelum

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