Hertogh, M.J.C.M.


Marcel Hertogh is full professor Infrastructure Design and Management. He is chairman of DIMI: the Delft Research Initiative ‘Deltas, Infrastructures and Mobility’. Professor Hertogh studied civil engineering at TU Delft and economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He did his PhD at Erasmus University and ETH Zurich. He is also full professor at Erasmus University, chair Reslience Convergence and Design. He is strategic advisor of large infrastructure programmes and projects.


The focus of his research is on integrated design and management of major programmes. The current challenges in our complex environment, the integration of disciplines, and collaboration with partners (quadruple) are key to obtain support and create impact (triple bottom line). Current examples are city of the future, and integration of infrastructures in the urban environment. He researched over 25 mega international infrastructure projects. He initiated the European knowledge network Netlipse, and was programme director.

  • Profesor Hertogh is responsible for, and contributes to courses on integrated design, and managment of major projects.
  • He is responsible for the minor Integrated Infrastructure Design. He supervised over 120 students during their master thesis. In his courses he makes the link with both research (e.g. how to deal with current societal challenges, including teamwork), and practice (e.g. integrated designs for current challenges, with involvement of societal partners).
  • He is a professional trainer.

Recent publications with PhD’s:

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Marcel Hertogh

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