Keusters, A.C.A.M., Ir.


As a practitioner in the field I have a full-time position as manager of the design department of Dura Vermeer Infra and a part-time position as a PhD student. I have more than 30 years of experience in infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. I have been involved in many integrated contracts. Some were successful, others were not. My fascination with factors that make these projects successful or not made me to start a PhD research in 2018. My observation was that many project failures are rooted in the integrated design phase.


I investigate the interaction between the integrated design process and project performance of civil engineering projects. Based on the results of exploratory research, I conducted a multiple case study research. From this study I concluded that the extent to which the design process is truly integrated, affects project performance. This applies to both the level of dynamic complexity (integrating stakeholders’ interests) and the level of detail complexity (integrating disciplines). The parent variable is the extent to which the participants of the integrated design team have the ability to adopt the context of the design problem. It is suspected that empathy is an important competence in this, which is the subject of the current in-depth study.

Guus Keusters

PhD student

Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Integral Design Management

Design & Integration

Sandra Schuchmann

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