Themes IAP, ASL & AIS

It is EAM’s research mission to improve the management of public and private infrastructures and to optimise the quality of the engineering assets service levels. It will result in state of the art quantitative solutions, methodologies, models and or tools supporting effective and efficient planning, monitoring and operating of infrastructure networks and their assets. For this, we follow an integrated approach and cooperates with research institutes both within and without the (civil) engineering domain. Our quantitative and data driven research is structured along the following themes and focusses on:

  • Plan & model: develop strategies for integral asset planning (IAP), supported by decision tools for the optimised life-cycle value planning of engineering assets under different uncertainties, for different time-horizons and or at different spatial levels;
  • Execute & service: develop management techniques and tools for the execution of engineering asset service logistics (ASL) for different infrastructures;
  • Control & information: professionalise engineering asset information systems (AIS) to support and control the asset life-cycle processes (DBFMOD) and to monitor and assess actual and predict future asset service levels.

Based on these themes research projects are running and funding is in progress.