Concrete Modelling & Material Behaviour

The Concrete Modelling and Materials Behaviour group focuses on the modelling and design of cement-based materials for the use in concrete structures. The modelling concerns the early stage of mixing and casting of the concrete, the hydration process, development of materials properties, hydration-induced volume changes, risk of early-age cracking, degradation processes, transport properties, time-dependent behaviour, ageing of cement-based systems and service life predictions. In view of the design of concrete structures for environmental protection and concrete storage structures special attention is given to liquid tightness and the performance of cement-based materials under extreme load conditions, viz. fire loads, accidental cryogenic loads, impact and blast loads.

The group is responsible for the master courses “Concrete Science and Technology” and “Concrete Structures – Capita Selecta”. Topics in the latter course are concrete containment structures in reinforced and prestressed concrete, liquid tightness, imposed deformation, extreme load conditions, concrete curing control systems and asset management.