7 - 11 October 2024, Delft, The Netherlands

Discover the World of Concrete Modelling with MMC2! 

Join our RILEM -EAC sponsored- Multi-scale Modelling Course for Concrete (MMC2) and unlock the secrets of cementitious materials at four unique levels of detail.  

Explore various modelling techniques that simulate the chemical, physical, and mechanical behaviour of cementitious materials. Dive into the world of macro, meso, micro, and nano-level modelling. 

  • Macro-Level: Delve into early-age temperature and stresses development, and harness the power of commercial FEM software.  
  • Meso-Level: Explore fracture mechanics and brittleness with a focus on the Lattice model.  
  • Micro-Level: Investigate hydration and microstructure properties using pixel and vector-based approaches.  
  • Nano-Level: Peer into the intricacies of the C-S-H gel using molecular dynamics and ab initio schemes.  

Our intensive course week offers a blend of theoretical lectures and hands-on workshops, ensuring you grasp the full spectrum of possibilities. Elevate your knowledge through elevator pitch talks and dynamic discussions.  

Don't miss this opportunity to bridge the "numerical gaps" between scale levels and join us in the exciting world of multi-scale modelling. Register now for MMC2!

The MMC course is designed for:

  • Graduate students (PhD, MSc students and Postdocs) 

  • Professors and other academic professionals 

  • Professionals from industry 

Elevate Your Expertise in Concrete Modelling with MMC2!  

Are you working in fields where insights into cement-based materials can be the key to solving complex problems? Our RILEM Multi-scale Modelling Course for Concrete (MMC2) is tailor-made for you! 

Designed for PhD and Postdoc candidates, MMC2 welcomes all levels of expertise. No prior specialized training is required, just a fundamental understanding of concrete and its composition.  

What's in it for you?  
Comprehensive Course Material: Gain access to valuable resources, including PPT slides in PDF format, literature, practical examples, and essential software used during the course.  

Broaden Your Horizons: MMC2 opens doors to a world of multi-scale modelling, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to tackle real-world challenges.  

Explore Beyond Limits: Dive into the realms of macro, meso, micro, and nano-level modelling, and discover how these scales can transform your problem-solving capabilities.  

Join the Conversation: Engage in dynamic discussions and elevator pitch talks with fellow participants, enhancing your learning experience.  

Take the leap and secure your spot in MMC2, where knowledge meets innovation. Register today for a course that promises growth and success!

In annual RILEM EAC sponsored Multiscale Modelling for Concrete 2024 will be organized by The Delft University of The Netherlands together with University of the Basque Country - UPV/EHU and is scheduled from:
7 - 11 October 2024

The MMC Fall Course week will be organized in Delft, The Netherlands