A. (Albina) Kostiuchenko


Albina Kostiuchenko is a PhD candidate in Section Materials and Environment, TU Delft. She is working on the creep behaviour of alkali activated materials, supervised by Dr. Guang Ye. 

Research interests

  • Geopolymer/Alkali-activated Materials
  • Mechanical behaviour of materials
  • Multiscale modelling


The aim of the project is to investigate the volume stability of the geopolymer concrete. The research is focuses on qualitative and quantitative study of the creep behaviour of the geopolymer concrete under various environmental conditions to clarify the creep mechanisms for the geopolymer concrete and apply adequate measurement of the creep evolution.

Albina Kostiuchenko

PhD candidate


Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Materials and Environment

Chair / Research:
Concrete Modelling & Material Behaviour

Jacqueline van Unen-Bergenhenegouwen