Dr. D. (Damian) Palin


Damian is currently a Marie Curie Global Fellow, working, at both the Section of Materials and Environment, at the Faculty of Geoscience and Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology (TUD), the Netherlands and also the Lara Estroff Research Group: Making Bio-inspiration Crystal Clear, Cornell University, United States of America; on the development of Biocrete: A biologically-enabled and -inspired stress-responsive concrete. Damian gained his PhD from TUD under the supervision of Henk Jonkers for his work on Bacteria-based self-healing concrete for low-temperature marine applications. Damian is a TED Fellow and presented his work on the Bio-accumulation of calcium/magnesium minerals from desalination brine at the TED 2012 conference. During his master, Damian developed A Radical Means: A materials and manufacturing technology inspired by nature as part of the Innovation Design Engineering course at Imperial College, London, United Kingdom. A Radical Means featured in the 2012 book Biodesign: Science + Nature + Creativity.

Work experience
2012 - 2017
            PhD Candidate, Microlab, Delft University of Technology
2017 – Present
       Post-Doctoral researcher, Marie Curie Glabal Fellow at both, Delft University of Technology and Cornell University.

Committee / membership
RILEM 253-MCI (Microorganisms-cementitious materials interactions)


  • Bio-inspired building and construction materials.
  • Bacteria-based self-healing cementitious materials.
  • Palin, D., Wiktor V. and Jonkers H. Autogenous healing of marine exposed concrete: characterization and quantification through visual crack closure, Cement and Concrete Research, 2015, 20 73, 17-24.
  • Palin, D., Wiktor V. and Jonkers H. Autogenous healing of sea-water exposed mortar: Quantification through a simple and rapid permeability test, Cement and Concrete Research, 2016, 84, 1-7.
  • Palin, D., Wiktor V. and Jonkers H. A bacteria-based bead for possible self-healing marine concrete applications, Smart Materials and Structures, 2016, 25 (8), 084008.
  • Palin, D., Wiktor V. and Jonkers H. A Bacteria-Based Self-Healing Cementitious Composite for Application in Low-Temperature Marine Environments, 2017, Biomimetics 2 (3).
  • Palin, D., Mo Y., Wiktor V. and Jonkers H. An improved test for generating rapid, accurate, and reliable crack permeability data for cementitious materials, International Journal of Civil Engineering, 2018, pp 1–8.

Damian Palin



Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md)

Materials and Environment

Chair / Research:

Jacqueline van Unen-Bergenhenegouwen

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